the future of real estate staGing

Staging meets Technology: We define the new turn-key


Sell or rent homes with furniture people love

Want to sell for top dollar? Staging is a necessity.

Want to sell for even more? Give modern buyers what they really want:

A new home with tons of inspiring furniture to choose from, picked and styled by a professional interior designer.

- and the most exciting part: it is so easy!


Turn a necessity into an opportunity

All of our furniture is available for purchase through our innovative technology - in one, easy click.


Like it? Take a photo!

Want to know more about a specific piece? We got you covered:

In our web-app, take a photo and we pull up the information for you. Simple and fast.


Check out now or create package

The perfect balance between pre-furnished and custom designed:

Our staging furniture comes in pre-designed sets with pieces that can be swapped easily.


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