Artifact & Savina

Dear Mariel,

the following proposal outlines our service to Bosa.

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Rae Jamison

Rae Jamison


Our Service

designed for your space and audience

We use brand new, high-end furniture to stage your model units. This allows us to pick pieces that fit perfectly into each space and resonate highly with your target audience, inspiring them to move in :)

For your space, we are focusing on creating a sophisticated, luxurious yet modern style - complementing Savina as the next generation of waterfront living.

Here are some inspirations of the look we envision in the model units.

A new amenity for your residents and buyers - at no cost to you

We stand behind what we believe in: modern residents and buyers want to have their homes look best without spending too much time or energy. With Artifact, Savina is able to offer a unique service to them: pick high-end furniture packages designed by professional designers - styled and set up even before they move in. That’s why our staging service is at no cost to you if you sell furniture with a value that is equivalent to our staging fees.

Here are examples of furniture packages:


Living Room

  • Sofa

  • Coffee table

  • Area rug

  • Lounge chair



  • Queen bed frame

  • Bed side table

  • Lamp

  • add on: mattress available


Entire home

  • Bedroom package

  • Living room package

  • Accessories

  • Art

We make it easy for you and your residents and buyers

  • Click to buy technology

  • Monthly financing options for furniture

  • Upgrade and customize your own package

One-time, refundable service fee after 90 days of staging if no furniture has been sold

We charge $0 costs upfront. In the event that no furniture packages have been sold within 90 days of staging, we charge a competitive, one time service fee for the model unit. Fully refundable as soon as an equal value in furniture packages has been sold to residents and buyers. All furniture sales count towards discounting the service fee.

Our Service fee covers:

- professional interior design,

- styling, delivery, set up, de-staging of furniture, accessories, art and plants,

- staging for up to12 months,

- staging refresh every 3 months

For Savina, the maximum amount to be paid is:

  • 2BR + Den: $10,000

  • 3BR + Den: $14,000

  • Penthouse: $16,000

Keep in mind - this is the maximum amount to be paid in case $0 worth of furniture has been sold.

What’s next?

Tell us you love it and then sign our terms & conditions :)

Model units will be staged within two weeks, ready for photography, marketing and walk throughs.