Artifact & 18 Jill Terrace

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the following proposal outlines our service to you and your client.

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Rae Jamison

Rae Jamison


Our Service

designed for your space and audience

We use brand new furniture to stage your home. This allows us to pick pieces that fit perfectly into each room and thus resonate highly with your target audience, inspiring them to buy :)

Here is some inspiration of the look we envision at 18 Jill Terrace:

Give modern buyers what they want - offer your listing furnished

We stand behind what we believe in: modern buyers want to have their homes look best for the least amount of time and money possible.

With Artifact, you’re able to offer a unique service to them: buy your home furnished, designed by professional designers, at a competitive price. That’s why our service is at no cost to you if you sell furniture equivalent to our service fee.

Plus, agents make 10% of the furniture total.

One-time service fee out of escrow if sold without furniture

We charge $0 costs upfront. A one time, competitive service fee occurs if the home sells without furniture - paid out of Escrow.

Our Service fee covers:

- professional interior design,

- furniture, accessories, art, plants for each room,

- styling, delivery, set up, de-staging of all items.

For 18 Jill Terrace, the maximum amount to be paid out of Escrow:

  • $18,000

Keep in mind - this is the maximum amount to be paid in case $0 worth of furniture has been sold.

What’s next?

Tell us you love it and then sign our terms & conditions :)

Home will be staged within two weeks, ready for photography, marketing and walk throughs.